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  1. How To Find A Designer

    Like most developers by I’m slightly baffled by the design process. I find it easy to recognise and appreciate good design, I think that’s an inherent human trait but actually creating great design from a world of infinite possibilities is a real talent. In the software and especially web business we are pushing pixels for money so the importance of great design can’t be underestimated.

    I’ve had very limited success with crowed sourced design from Elance, 99 Designs and crowdSPRING, treating designers as a commodity is a big mistake.

    I’ve been having a lot more success with this method;

    1. Sign up for ImageSpark and download the Firefox upload tool. This allows you to right click on images and upload them to your personal library.

    2. Spend some time browsing Dribbble for designs that you like and fit the aesthetic that you are looking for. When you find a Dribbble that you like right click and save to ImageSpark.

    3. Go into ImageSpark and create a MoodBoard for your project.

    4. Go back into Dribbble and make a list of the top 3 designers that feature in your Moodboard.

    Now the last and most important step;

    5. Treat the designers with respect and craft a personal email to the first person on your list. Say what you like about their design ethic, tell them a bit about your project and link them to your moodboard. Hopefully you can then establish a relationship and get to work on the project. If for whatever reason you cant find a way to work together then move down your list.

    In summary your going to have to put some work in and not just treat design as an afterthought! 

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